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What is the #understandagriculture campaign?

It is a Public Educational Advertising Campaign that aims to educate the public about agriculture and farming.  It seeks to enable farmers to promote their industry through promotional materials such as billboards being hosted on their land with pro farming messages.

Why the need for such a campaign?

Billboards with emotionally charged anti agriculture images and messages are seen across our countryside, towns, cities and road network.  Farmers and others find these billboards anti farming and offensive. The high cost of launching a campaign promoting agriculture and farming has been cited as a reason for not launching a counter-campaign.  This campaign seeks support to start such a counter-campaign.

Who is behind the campaign?

Aisling Meehan, farmer and agricultural solicitor is helping to launch the campaign.  Aisling has heard farmers at meetings, farmer clients and indeed people from non-farming backgrounds express dissatisfaction with anti farming advertising.  Aisling with her wide network of farming contacts is helping to launch the campaign.

The aim is that the campaign will be run by farmers for farmers if the desire and interest is there amongst the farming community.  It is hoped that it will be supported by industry stakeholders, landowners and the media.


When and Where will the campaign take place?

Farmers and landowners will host advertisements promoting agriculture and farming on their lands/buildings/vehicles.  The advertisements will be designed and supplied by the campaign, at no cost to the farmer/landowner.  Aisling Meehan Agricultural Solicitors will provide guidance to ensure compliance with planning legislation.  This work will be undertaken without charge.

It is envisaged that the advertising campaign will be expanded to a wide range of audience rich environments in our towns and cities, on billboards, in shopping centres, public transport etc.

How can a person join the campaign?

There are two ways in which you can support the campaign; firstly please register your interest with us by completing the form below and secondly you may make an optional financial donation towards the cost of advertising.



Please complete the form:

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    If you can help with the cost of advertising, we would be most grateful!


    Please contact us at info@agrisolicitors.ie if you’d like to discuss further. Thanks for your support!