The Farmers Solicitor

....... understanding the problems Farmers face

It takes specialist knowledge and understanding to appreciate the problems farmers face today.  Every decision is affected by legal, tax and practical considerations specific to farming business. 

That’s why Aisling Meehan Agricultural Solicitors is ideally suited to provide advice in helping to make those decisions.  As a qualified solicitor, tax consultant and young trained farmer, Aisling Meehan can combine all three aspects to ensure that every decision is in the best interests of the farming business as a whole.

Rather than offer a broad range of legal services, the firm specialises solely in agricultural legal and tax matters.  The office is located in converted farm buildings, is easily accessible and informal in atmosphere.  Due to the specialised nature of the work, Aisling Meehan Agricultural Solicitors have farming clients nationwide and is also regularly consulted by other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, auctioneers, bankers and agricultural advisors.

Our Mission

We work for farmers and land owners to provide expert agricultural legal and tax advice in a friendly rural environment.


Our Vision

We will be the legal and tax practice of choice for farmers and landowners.

Our Values

Leadership, Knowledge, Honesty,
Reputation and Customer Care